Operations Team Associate

1. What neighborhood / town do you live in? Dallas

2. Hometown? Cadillac Heights

3. No patio should be without? Great vibes ,positive energy, a fire pit with mini kitchen and a cotton candy and a popcorn machine.

4. On the patio, do you prefer sun or shade? A little bit of both just not too much.

5. What is your favorite quote or wise words of wisdom? If you think positive, positive will happen.

6. Describe yourself in three words. Loyal, trustworthy, dependable

7. Do you have any hidden talents? Arts, interior design and fashion

8. If you were to start a company what values would you build it on? Honesty, customer service and high quality

9. What one person would you like to meet? Mr. Barack Obama

10. What are you passionate about? Goals and dreams

11. What is the perfect patio weather? Spring/fall not  too hot and not too cold and right after the rain clears


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