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John Hudik

John Hudik
John Hudik
Outdoor Living Consultant

What neighborhood/town do you live in: East Dallas/Northwest Hwy

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fl. via Painesville, Ohio

No patio should be without: Comfort and shade AND sun!

On the patio, do you prefer sun or shade: There are GREAT  times for BOTH!

What is your favorite quote or wise words of wisdom: I pray that I can focus on what I say and do…NOT what others say and do!

Describe yourself in three words: Empathetic, loyal and trustworthy!

Do you have any hidden talents: Architecture/interior design

If you were to start a company what values would you build it on: Unique products whether service or goods/value/and the total customer experience.

What one person would you like to meet: Dolly Parton…a great talent who perhaps is an even a greater person!

What are you passionate about: Family!

What is the perfect patio weather: Any day/night allowing for alfresco cooking and dining!

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