Maintenance Tips


It is important that you take a little extra precaution with you outdoor furniture before an extended freeze so that moisture does not freeze inside their furniture and cause the frame to break open. We recommend the following tips for protecting your furniture:

For extruded aluminum frames: Most extruded aluminum frames have weep holes which help water drain from inside the frames. However, these holes also mean that moisture can potentially enter the frames as well. Store furniture in an upright position so water may drain from the frame properly. If placed upside down, it will not allow water to drain. This can cause freeze damage, which is not covered by the warranty.

For wooden frames: When rain or snow falls on the furniture, it can seep into the cracks of the wood. When the temperature falls, it will freeze again and expand. This could cause the existing cracks and splits to increase in size and damage your furniture.

For cast aluminum and wrought iron frames: in most cases, moving your furniture to a covered area will suffice. Or, you can purchase protective covers like the ones that Sunnyland carries.

For stone or mosaic tops: Make sure you are using a sealer on these tops at least twice a year. Moisture can get into the cracks and cause the table to break or tiles to fall off.

For all outdoor furniture: Protective covers are a great investment to ensuring that your furniture will last you a lifetime. Sunnyland carries premium covers from Treasure Garden. These covers are among the best selling styles on the market; each cover made from an exclusively designed Rhinoweave™ fabric that is durable, weather resistant, breathable, and will not crack or peel.

You should always check the information materials that came with your furniture or the manufacturer's website for specific information on your particular piece of furniture. You can also call one of our outdoor living consultants and they can give you information on any brand that Sunnyland carries.  



Glass is not warranted. Extreme care must be taken when using an umbrella in a glass top table. An umbrella stand is necessary under the table to hold the umbrella. At any time, the wind could gust and carry the umbrella as a sail to cause the table to turn over and break the glass. As a result, the glass would not be covered under warranty. Umbrellas and cushions have a one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover natural fading from sunlight. Umbrellas are warranted structurally (under normal use and conditions). Please exercise caution when using your umbrella and only have the umbrella open when you are enjoying your patio set. We cannot warranty an umbrella which has been left open and gets damaged from a high gust of wind.

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