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Exterior Design Blog

Our knowledgeable sales, design and support teams have valuable information to share in our Exterior Design blog. Whether you want to learn how to properly clean your patio furniture or how to keep squirrels from ruining your outdoor space, the Sunnyland team has you covered. Please leave comments and feedback, we love getting input from our customers! 

Posted On: 02-22-2019
By: Deborah Holt

Fresh, new outdoor looks have arrived! There’s only a few weeks left to get your patio in tip-top shape for spring time and with our new collections in classic and modern styles you’re sure to find the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor space. No matter the size of your patio, Sunnyland will help you find an arrangement that helps you utilize your space for the utmost enjoyment and relaxation.

Take a look at a few of our latest collections.

Posted On: 10-23-2018
By: Deborah Holt

A fire pit creates the perfect outdoor ambiance with its inviting warmth and mood enhancing glow, but did you know that fire pits are also a great centerpiece for fun outdoor activities? From making tasty treats to telling campfire stories, fire pits enhance your outdoor enjoyment.  

Posted On: 09-06-2018
By: Deborah Holt

Don’t be beat by the Texas heat, get yourself a patio umbrella. No matter the size of your deck, patio or balcony there’s an umbrella that’s perfect for you. Find a variety of styles, colors, finishes and sizes. Sunnyland Patio Furniture has a large selection of in-stock patio umbrellas ready to go home with you today.



Posted On: 08-03-2018
By: Deborah Holt/Ledge Lounger

Whether you like to lounge in the pool or on the deck, there is a perfect way to relax the day away – on a Ledge Lounger. Stylish, durable and comfortable, the Ledge Lounger collection will accentuate your outdoor space with customizable, high-quality, made in the USA products.  Follow this easy, helpful guide and you’ll be lounging in no time.

Posted On: 07-03-2018
By: Big Green Egg

Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins has long been known as a great cook. In his “Big Show’s Big Eats” column at Bassmaster.com, he’ll be sharing instruction on how to cook some of his favorite foods on the EGG.

Recipe adapted from Terry Scroggins, Bassmaster Elite Series Angler.

Posted On: 07-02-2018
By: Amy Vanderoef

Sunnyland Patio Furniture has been a well known brand in Dallas for decades. I worked with the owner, David Schweig, when I was on Good Morning Texas and when he came to me to partner with him and his brand again I jumped at the chance. They know the struggle with my home-buying process as a single mom and for the past 2 years I have dedicated all of my attention to the inside of my home, leaving my outdoor living space non existent.

Posted On: 06-13-2018
By: Deborah Holt

Don’t get tied up with the everyday, run-of-the-mill gifts for dad this Father’s Day, give him a gift that he can enjoy for years to come.

Posted On: 06-05-2018
By: Deborah Holt

When it comes to knowing what’s hot and what’s not on the patio, our buyer, Nick, is the foremost expert on what it takes to make a great outdoor space.

Want to know what Nick says are the top five outdoor must-haves? Take a look.

Posted On: 05-02-2018
By: Deborah Holt

Give your mom the gift of outdoor relaxation for years to come with outdoor furniture and accessories from Sunnyland Patio Furniture.

Discover great gifts from mosaic tables to in-pool loungers that are the perfect addition to outdoor spaces. Looking for something more? Give mom a stylish outdoor dining or seating collection.


Posted On: 03-07-2018
By: Deborah Holt

Patio furniture doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Spice it up with bold, bright colors from upbeat blues and greens to lively pinks and oranges that are sure to make your patio light up and stand out.

Posted On: 02-28-2018
By: Jackie Hirschhaut, ICFA

According to new research, consumers use their outdoor rooms for pretty much everything they can do indoors – from using cellphones for calls and games to working on computers, watching TV, eating, exercising and, of course, relaxing.  And, since 70 percent of people agree that they enjoy spending time in their outdoor living space more than inside, it’s only fitting that 2018 furnishing trends fully address the outdoor lifestyle experience.

Posted On: 12-13-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Looking for something special to give this holiday season? How about a Big Green Egg or an outdoor accessory. Find great gifts for everyone on your list. 

Posted On: 11-13-2017

Get warm and cozy on the patio this fall while sipping on hot chocolate or mulled wine. Find recipes to enjoy by the fire pit. 

Posted On: 11-06-2017
By: Treasure Garden

Learn about Treasure Garden's Modular Protective Furniture Covers and how to attach modular sections together to create one large modular cover.

Posted On: 10-07-2017
By: Deborah Holt

The weather may be cooling, but things are heating up on the patio.  It’s officially fire pit season. There’s no better way to spend fall evenings than nestling around a fire pit with friends and family. With versatility, unique design and quality craftsmanship fire pits can transform your outdoor space into an inviting gathering place.

Posted On: 09-02-2017
By: Big Green Egg


Swineapple makes a great showstopper for all your get-togethers.


Posted On: 08-18-2017
By: Big Green Egg

August 19 is Hot and Spicy Food Day! Celebrate with Melissa’s Hatch Chiles.

Posted On: 07-22-2017
By: Deborah Holt

The new living space is no longer the walled in living room trapped inside your room, it’s now the open-air, wall less, family room that you never want to leave.

Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all outdoor furnishings. We live in a world of complete personalization. We even want to put our names on everything we own. Outdoor manufacturers have responded with furniture pieces that inspire personalization and are ahead of the trend curve. 

Posted On: 07-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

As an industry veteran, Sunnyland acknowledges the importance of mentorship, industry associations, industry round-table discussions and continuing education for employees.  

Posted On: 06-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Sunnyland Patio Furniture’s commitment to its customers goes beyond the sale. Every piece of communication and every employee customers come in contact with reflects Sunnyland’s commitment to exceeding expectations and offering the best experience possible.

David Schweig, owner of Sunnyland, is at Sunnyland every day, rain or shine. He leads by example; his sunny disposition attributes to positive employee morale and an optimistic and conducive work environment.

Posted On: 05-26-2017
By: Deborah Holt

With so much variety and selection, sometimes it’s good to take a look at what others have done on their patio to inspire you. From styles, to finishes and fabrics, Sunnyland has the perfect furnishings to make your outdoor area perfect. Scroll through some of recent deliveries and gather ideas for patio purchase.

Posted On: 05-20-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Your patio should reflect your personal style. Don't settle for a bargain deal at the big box retailer that isn't in the color or style you want. Instead, choose the style, fabric and finish that reflects your style. At Sunnyland Patio Furniture, you can find the largest selection of outdoor furniture all at one location.  Sunnyland also carries all the little things you need to complete your patio look. From wall decor and accent pieces to rugs and pillows, you’ll never need to shop anywhere else for your outdoor patio needs. Stop by Sunnyland today and experience the Sunnyland difference. Open seven days a week for your convenience. 

Posted On: 05-06-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Don't eat another meal indoors when you can spend time with your family out on the patio. Sunnyland Patio Furniture explores the latest trends for the patio with outdoor dining. From large gatherings to intimate dinners, you can find the perfect furniture for your outdoor space at Sunnyland. 

Posted On: 04-29-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Don't know what to get mom this Mother's Day. No worries. Sunnyland Patio Furniture has a great selection of outdoor furniture, accessories and rugs that will fit her style and will last for years to come.  Take a look at our Mother's Day Gift Buying Guide for a great selection of gifts. 

Posted On: 04-21-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Move over nuetrals, blue is making a splash on the patio. Find out how you can incorporate this years trending color onto the patio with rugs, pillows, cushions and accessories from Sunnyland. Transform your outdoor space with the pop of color that provides calmness and serenity to your space.  

Posted On: 04-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

For Sunnyland Patio Furniture, the most important part of being a small, family-owned business is the Sunnyland family and the surrounding community that supports it. When Sunnyland strives for success, it’s not about the dollar amount brought in, but about the quality of life of the employees and of the success of the community.

Sunnyland has diligently worked the last 47 years to have a positive impact in the Dallas community. Each year presents new opportunities for sponsorships, fundraisers and donations.

Posted On: 03-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

Before many companies had sustainability plans as part of their business strategy, Sunnyland had a trailblazer for sustainable practices, Pearl Freed Klaussner.

Three generations ago, Pearl, the Sunnyland family preservationist was very adamant about recycling and repurposing before it was even popular.

Posted On: 02-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

The furniture industry is ever evolving, and that doesn’t just apply to the furniture, it also applies to the way business is conducted through the use of technology.

For small businesses, staying ahead of the curve is extremely important. Streamlining processes is a significant factor in customer satisfaction, calculating inventory, facilitating business growth and reaching marketing goals.

Posted On: 01-01-2017
By: Brent Glaze, Outdoor Living Consultant

While firepits won’t heat an entire patio, it can keep a conversation going all night between friends. Each year we see a spike in outdoor gas fire pits.

O.W. Lee has an array of choices from stone top to cast aluminum with sizes of 42” to 54” round along with rectangle and 48” Square. The fire pit media can consist of glass pebbles, lava rock granules or faux wood. The glass pebbles have a neat effect because the fire will illuminate the stones for added appeal. These fire pits have an option of adding a lazy susan to the top for serving benefits when fire is not used.

Posted On: 12-01-2016
By: Michael Brown, Outdoor Living Consultant

High quality patio furniture can be a big investment, but it can also offer huge rewards. Comfortable, long-lasting furniture will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. And who knows... you just might find yourself spending more time in the great outdoors in your own backyard. But, with such a dizzying array of outdoor furnishings available in so many types, what best suits your needs? Lets explore some different options, noting their advantages, drawbacks, and some of the misconceptions about them. 

Posted On: 11-01-2016
By: Brent Glaze, Outdoor Living Consultant

The outdoor space is being used more and more as additional living space for your home. These days, people are remodeling their outdoor space as they remodel their indoor space. Being in the outdoor furniture business for several years, I have seen some magnificent spaces added to homes, especially, in some of the northern suburbs like McKinney, Frisco and Allen. People are considering all types of additions. It’s not just a pool or hot tub, more and more people are adding an outdoor kitchen along with space to relax around a fireplace, watch television or have cocktails around a fountain instalation. 

Posted On: 10-01-2016
By: Thad Hales, Outdoor Living Consultant

You’ve finally decided on the perfect furniture and umbrella for your outdoor space. Everything is in place, but it just doesn’t look “complete”.

Just as rugs and flooring selections can quickly change the look inside your home, those same items make your patio polished, interesting, and inviting! They add a new design element, while softening hard surfaces…and they are wonderful on bare feet. Texas summers can heat up concrete and stone surfaces; rugs protect you, your family, and your friends from that hot surface.

Posted On: 09-01-2016
By: Gensun Casual

Mildew and mold are both types of fungi that thrive in damp environments and can grow on just about anything. While these musty microbes are essential and beneficial in many applications, from ecological recycling to the development of life-saving drugs (penicillin anyone?), they are positively no good for your outdoor furniture. Left unchecked, mold and mildew can stain and shorten the life of even the best outdoor fabrics. But there are a few things you can do to keep your outdoor room and its furnishings mold-free.

Posted On: 08-01-2016
By: Toni Wildhaber, Warranty Specialist

Squirrels are one of nature’s cute little creatures, but they can also be a nuisance. When they aren’t out collecting acorns or playing in traffic, they are often at “home” in their nests, or dreys. These nests are made out of twigs and leaves and lined with fur, feathers, or other soft materials. Sometimes the squirrels can find these materials naturally in nature but when they can’t, your outdoor cushion filling makes a great source of fiber for their nests. And in the process, they will destroy your expensive outdoor furniture.

As Sunnyland’s warranty specialist, one of the issues that we deal with is cushions that have been torn apart by squirrels. Manufacturer’s warranties do NOT cover damage from acts of nature and it can be quite costly to replace them. Over the years we have seen many different methods to keep the squirrels away.

Posted On: 07-01-2016
By: Teresa Scott, Outdoor Living Consultant

So many times,  the hardest task in choosing new outdoor furniture, is  knowing where to begin. That would include choosing what colors you will be using in the space you plan to furnish. 

Honestly, I have had customers fall in love with a throw pillow, and we have used it as inspiration for the color scheme to be use throughout the entire space. It typically doesn’t happen that easily, so before coming into the store to look for furniture, take a really good look around to identify the colors that already exist in your space, inside and out.

Posted On: 06-01-2016
By: John Hudik, Outdoor Living Consultant

If you could imagine the perfect outdoor or indoor fabric, you would likely want exciting colors and patterns with lots of coordinating fabrics, a soft comfortable feel,  fade resistance and above all, superior stain resistance and cleanability.  All of this, and more, defines Sunbrella fabrics.

Through my 42 year journey in the furniture industry, I have seen many performance fabrics that promise to “change the world we live in”. We’ve had the synthetics like nylon, rayon, acrilan, Olefin and Herculon fabrics, and blends of all of those and more. They all offered improvement over the status quo at that time, and all performed comparatively well, but none provide color fastness or fade resistance.  Only heavy cotton canvas offered some UV protection, but that was limited and had no significant stain resistance and could be a challenge to clean.


Posted On: 05-01-2016
By: Teresa Scott, Outdoor Living Consultant

The outdoor party season is here! 

Try purchasing your outdoor tableware to coordinate with the cushions, slings, and umbrellas that are going to live in the space day to day. Then accent with different colors depending on what theme you want to create with inexpensive accessories. One week you may have a Mothers Day gathering with family, and two weeks later, you may have friends over for Memorial Day weekend.

Posted On: 04-01-2016
By: Brent Glaze, Outdoor Living Consultant

I get calls each day about how to clean and care for outdoor furniture. I thought I would put down a few basic things that would help in extending the life of your cushions, slings and strap furniture.

So much of what is popular these days consist of fabric cushions. Customers come in and see all the sofas and chairs with the big thick cushions and say they would be afraid to put these outside, but these are not fabrics that are inside on your living room furniture. They are made to be outside to take the abuse from the harsh elements. What is needed is to routinely care for your furniture to maximize the longevity and durability of the furniture.

Posted On: 03-01-2016
By: Teresa Scott, Outdoor Living Consultant

Our new accessories are arriving each day, and while they all are designed to beautify your outdoor living areas, it is sometimes unclear which ones are more durable for outside in the harsh elements. I am listing the most popular items in the store, along with the recommended way of using them in your space.

Posted On: 02-01-2016
By: John Hudik, Outdoor Living Consultant

Born in Ohio, but having lived in Fort Lauderdale for the last 40 years, it was a pleasure to rediscover a seasonal climate with year-round, moderate temperatures right here in Texas. A climate that highlighted the change of seasons, yet was moderate enough to permit the use of patios and outdoor spaces any month of the year!

For me, this meant that my lifestyle of cooking and eating most meals outdoors would not have to drastically change. Only the nastiest weather of snow, ice and freezing temps would keep me inside.  If  I had only designed my outdoor space to include a few things not often seen in Texas!

Posted On: 01-01-2016
By: Brad Schweig, VP Operations

More and more people are installing salt water pools in their backyard or they are converting their chlorine pool over to salt water. Many people say that salt water pools feel softer than traditionally chlorinated pools and are easier to maintain. This may be true, but they can cause additional wear and tear on your outdoor furniture and this may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Posted On: 11-01-2015
By: Mike Dickerson, Landscape Concepts

 In a word...color. Sure, you'll still see classic styles in neutral, easy to accessorize fabrics. You'll also see new and colorful designer fabrics, along with a new dedication to more contemporary styles to compliment your loft, or modern home.

At Sunnyland we realize styles and tastes are constantly evolving, so we'll be providing offerings for our traditionally-minded customers, but this year you'll see an increased focus on stylish, clean-lined offerings as well.

Posted On: 10-01-2015
By: Brent Glaze, Outdoor Living Consultant

Brent Glaze, an outdoor living consultant at Sunnyland, recently went to Virginia to attend Gloster University.  This is a series of educational trips and programs that Gloster hosts each year to tour its manufacturing facility and learn about their teak plantations in Indonesia. Below is his report.

Gloster furniture has its timber come from a sustainable plantation in Indonesia where teak is harvested and then replenished to keep the forest in constant growth. Although not indigenous to Indonesia, its climatic conditions are ideal for growing teak, which was originally introduced to the islands by Buddhist monks around 700 years ago. When the Dutch colonized Indonesia in the 19th century, they established large teak plantations and introduced the sustainable plantation management system that are still in place today.

Posted On: 09-01-2015
By: Marilyn Peterson, Outdoor Living Consultant

The outdoor umbrella is an important part of outdoor living. Living in the Dallas area, we experience lots of sunny, warm weather. The solution to beating the sun is an outdoor umbrella because not everyone has a covered patio. You can see lots of umbrellas at different stores and places. However, the best place to find different styles is in the clearance center at Sunnyland.

Posted On: 07-01-2015
By: Marilyn Peterson, Outdoor Living Consultant

Here, we are in the Dog Days of Summer, and I do mean DAWG! The temperatures are soaring over 100 degrees, with no rain in sight. The good thing about this time of year is that one of our favorite seasons, fall, will soon be here. You may be thinking to yourself, how much do I want to put into my patio and outdoor furniture with the cooler weather coming?

I have lived in the Garland - Wylie - Sachse area for over 30 years, and I have learned first-hand that you can use your patio year around. It is very likely you will be on the patio Thanksgiving Day.

Posted On: 05-01-2015
By: Marilyn Peterson, Outdoor Living Consultant

Mother's Day is coming up. This is the day that we can show our appreciation for all the wonderful things our mothers have done for us. She is not only responsible for us being here, but she also loves and cares for us more than anyone on the planet. You don’t need a special day to get her something, but when Mother's Day rolls around you immediately start trying to think of a special gift for her. Your thoughts go to personal things, such as jewelry, perfume, clothes and always candy and flowers or maybe a trip to the spa. These are always thoughtful gifts, but mothers of today are interested in more interesting things.

Posted On: 03-01-2015

Whether you've been a customer of ours for the past 44 years or you're in the market for quality outdoor furniture for the very first time, there are plenty of new things happening at Sunnyland this spring.  

Posted On: 06-01-2014
By: Michael Brown, Outdoor Living Consultant

 In a word...color. Sure, you'll still see classic styles in neutral, easy to accessorize fabrics. You'll also see new and colorful designer fabrics, along with a new dedication to more contemporary styles to compliment your loft, or modern home.

At Sunnyland we realize styles and tastes are constantly evolving, so we'll be providing offerings for our traditionally-minded customers, but this year you'll see an increased focus on stylish, clean-lined offerings as well.

Posted On: 03-01-2014
By: Brent Glaze, Outdoor Living Consultant

Here at Sunnyland, we have some really neat collections this year. One of my favorite groups is "The Cloud"  by Gloster Furniture. 

This group is a very contemporary, modular group made of stainless steel framing with a mesh waterproof cushion that comes in taupe, onyx and ivory. This year the cloud will also be available in another fabric called crypton which is a highly durable fabric for the elements of nature. 

Posted On: 08-01-2013
By: Marilyn Peterson, Outdoor Living Consultant

Sunnyland, in my opinion, is the very best store for outdoor patio furniture (of course I might be slightly biased). The moment you walk through the front door, you immediately know you are about to experience something special. But the Sunnyland experience goes deeper than the products you can touch, there are real people behind the beauty of our store. 

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