Outdoor Furniture Care & Maintenance

Replacing Outdoor Cushions

When the time has come to bid farewell to your well-loved outdoor cushions, you have a few options to get your outdoor furniture back to its comfy, good-looking self. Replacing your outdoor furniture cushions is also a great way to revamp your outdoor space and to spruce up your patio furniture. 

How to Clean Your Outdoor Cushions

Do you have dirty outdoor cushions? Darrel at Sunnyland Outdoor Living is going to show you how to get them clean with a little bit of Dawn dish soap and elbow grease.

Cleaning & Caring for Your Elaine Smith Pillows

Designed with everyday living in mind, the Elaine Smith line of luxurious pillows resist rain, sun and stains. its soft, solution-dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabrics maintain their beauty both indoors and out. Each pillow has a tailored, hidden zipper that allows easy cover removal for cleaning. Caring for your pillows is a breeze. Here are a few tips for keeping your pillows looking like new.

Cleaning & Caring for Your Ledge Lounger

Occasionally, a deep cleaning of your in-pool Ledge Lounger product is necessary. Frequent usage, and even incorrect balances of pH and alkalinity, can cause scale and other residues (sunscreen, lotion, etc.) to adhere to the Ledge Lounger resin material. But, don’t worry. cleaning is easy!

Protect Your Patio Furniture With Covers

Learn about Treasure Garden's Modular Protective Furniture Covers and how to attach modular sections together to create one large modular cover.

Mean and Green - Keeping your Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Mold and Mildew-Free

Mildew and mold are both types of fungi that thrive in damp environments and can grow on just about anything. While these musty microbes are essential and beneficial in many applications, from ecological recycling to the development of life-saving drugs (penicillin anyone?), they are positively no good for your outdoor furniture. Left unchecked, mold and mildew can stain and shorten the life of even the best outdoor fabrics. But there are a few things you can do to keep your outdoor room and its...

Dont Let Squirrels Destroy your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Squirrels are one of nature’s cute little creatures, but they can also be a nuisance. When they aren’t out collecting acorns or playing in traffic, they are often at “home” in their nests, or dreys. These nests are made out of twigs and leaves and lined with fur, feathers, or other soft materials. Sometimes the squirrels can find these materials naturally in nature but when they can’t, your outdoor cushion filling makes a great source of fiber for their nests. And i...

Tips from Brent to Care for your Furniture

I get calls each day about how to clean and care for outdoor furniture. I thought I would put down a few basic things that would help in extending the life of your cushions, slings and strap furniture. So much of what is popular these days consist of fabric cushions. Customers come in and see all the sofas and chairs with the big thick cushions and say they would be afraid to put these outside, but these are not fabrics that are inside on your living room furniture. They are made to be outsid...

Do You Have a Salt Water Pool? If so, READ THIS POST!!!

More and more people are installing salt water pools in their backyard or they are converting their chlorine pool over to salt water. Many people say that salt water pools feel softer than traditionally chlorinated pools and are easier to maintain. This may be true, but they can cause additional wear and tear on your outdoor furniture and this may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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