Sunnyland Trade Referral Program

Sunnyland Trade Referral Program

A cost-effective and reliable solution for outdoor design.

Open to members of the design, real estate, landscaping and pool building industries


Why Choose Us?

  • Commission, paid directly to you
  • Large, in-stock selection for quick solutions
  • Extensive custom order capabilities
  • No additional freight cost
  • Knowledgeable staff and on-site design assistance
  • White-glove delivery
  • Pricing based on lowest retail cost and not MSRP
  • Dedicated service department


Eligibility & Process

  • The Sunnyland Trade Program is open to members of the design, real estate, landscaping and pool building industries.
  • To receive commissions, an application and W-9 form must be submitted.
  • Once your application is approved and you receive your trade customer ID, you can begin purchasing.
  • Trade orders receive current sale pricing, including all promotions.
  • Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis.


Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program, is open to members of the design and real estate community including interior decorators, architects, landscape members, members of professional staging organizations, and set decorators. Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program is a cost effective and reliable solution for outdoor design where you can earn commission paid directly to you. Your clients can take advantage of Sunnyland’s large in-stock selection, custom orders without extra freight costs, expert design assistance, white-glove delivery, on-site consultations, and dedicated service support.


Application Process

To apply for the program, click here or you may request a paper copy of the application.

To receive your Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program commission, an application and W-9 form must be submitted. After your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with your trade customer ID number. By submitting these forms, you agree you won’t be paid as a Sunnyland employee, but as a vendor with no taxes withheld. If your calendar year earnings from Sunnyland exceed $600, you’ll receive a Form 1099-MISC for tax filing. Any inaccurate information you provide can result in delayed or denied commission.


Earning Commission

To earn your Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program commission, you must provide your trade ID number at the time of purchase. Trade orders receive current pricing, including all publicly advertised promotions and retail volume discounts. No additional trade discount is applied. Commissions are paid on the merchandise subtotal. Tax, delivery, services, shipping and installation charges aren’t included.

Commissions are based off paid delivered sales and reset annually on January 1.



Clearance items, clearance center merchandise, and special buys are not eligible for commission. Price matching or other special price reductions can reduce or eliminate the commission.


Placing Orders

Once your application is approved and you receive your trade ID, you can begin purchasing. Visit our Dallas or Frisco location and use your trade ID number to receive commission on purchases. Please provide your trade customer ID number at the time of purchase or have your outdoor living consultant look it up for you.. Failure to do so can result in delayed or denied commission .


Commissions Checks 

Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program commission are calculated at the end of each month once 30 days has passed from the final delivery date based on delivered and paid merchandise. For example, if part of the sale is delivered on February 27th, and the remainder is delivered on March 9th, the 30 day point would be April 9th and commission checks for the entire sales order would be sent by the last week of April. Checks are mailed to the trade ID address on file at the end of the following month. Checks are issued to the primary contact or the business name. You have 30 days from the checks issue date to inform Sunnyland Outdoor Living of any discrepancies.


Returns and Exchanges

Any returns, exchanges or price adjustments processed after payment of commission will be applied to the following commission check.


Tax Exemption

To claim tax exemption, Sunnyland Outdoor Living requires a copy of your tax exemption certificate for the state where merchandise will be delivered. To be approved, the billing information on the order must match the information on the certificate.


Form 1099

1099 tax forms are sent at the end of January to Sunnyland’s Trade Referral Program members who have earned over $600 in the previous year. For tax purposes, earnings are based on when checks are received, not when purchases are made.


Terms & Conditions

Sunnyland Trade Program membership requires a completed application and approved credentials, including an IRS W-9 with your Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN or Social Security Number). Continued membership is subject to maintaining a valid business license.

Membership is non-transferable and can only be used for your purchases or your clients' when the membership is current. It is not valid for gift card purchases.

Misuse leading to membership termination includes unauthorized use of trademarks, false representations, transfer, allowing others to use your membership ID, and submitting false information in connection with membership.

Orders placed before receiving an ID number are added to your sales if made within 30 days of application and are unscheduled. It's your responsibility to inform the Design Consultant about your trade membership.

Sunnyland is not liable for any damages arising from membership. The program's terms may change without notice, and your continued use constitutes agreement. Sunnyland reserves the right to make membership determinations at its discretion.

Participation requires making required disclosures to clients and/or brokers.


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