Umbrella Repairs

Effective September 8th - We currently not taking in any new umbrellas for repairs. 

We are currently running 8 weeks on umbrella repairs due to a lack of parts and time to complete the work by qualified repairmen. Until further notice, we will not be repairing any umbrellas.

We do sell replacement frames for select Treasure Garden umbrellas and can help you move your canopy over to your new frame (in most cases while you wait).



Sunnyland Outdoor Furniture is happy to offer our expert umbrella repair service for your outdoor patio umbrella. Whether it's a broken cord or a wind damaged frame, we can return your umbrella to like-new condition. Sunnyland is often (but not always) able to repair Treasure Garden umbrellas purchased from Sunnyland.  Sunnyland has sales records going back to 1999 so we should be able to identify what model you have and what parts that you need. Please call 972-239-3716 for repairs concerning Tucci umbrellas purchased at Sunnyland.


In most (but not all cases), Sunnyland can repair Treasure Garden umbrellas purchased at a specialty patio retailer as long as it is a model we carry parts for or are able to order parts for. 

If you purchased an umbrella from a mass merchant or from a big box retailer we can NOT repair it as they do not make replacement parts available for their products and we do not have access to their suppliers. 

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