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Ipe Aftercare Kit

If you want to preserve the original color...

Ipé is naturally a uniform brown color. Keep in mind that the original color of all woods will gray out with time when placed outdoors and exposed to ultra violet rays (UV). This is a function of UV light bleaching the wood over time.

If you want to preserve the original color of our Ipé, we recommend using the Ipé Aftercare Kit.

This 2-step kit contains a packet of Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener and a quart can of Penofin Verde Oil Finish (this is enough finish to cover approximate 60-120 square feet of wood surface, or the equivalent of 1-2 Amber Beechworth sets). BEWARE TO DISPOSE OF OILY RAGS PROPERY To avoid spontaneous combustion follow rag disposal instructions on back of bottle.

The kit is intended for furniture that has been slightly grayed-out in the weather, and will effectively treat the wood surface and restore the original color.

Please note: the Ipé Aftercare Kit should only be used after the original finish begins to lighten in color (after approximately 2-3 months of outdoor exposure depending on your local weather conditions).


Ipé Cleaner

If your furniture has completely grayed out...

If you have allowed your furniture to completely gray out, or if the wood surface has become heavily stained with water spots or food stains, it is recommended that you also clean the wood surface with Ipé Cleaner. First apply Ipé Cleaner, then rinse with clean water and allow to completely dry. Finally apply Penofin Verde to return and preserve the brown color.

Use of Outdoor Furniture Nail Glides

Hardwood furniture can stain light colored outdoor surfaces. The staining can come from oil and minerals in the wood or from finish products used on the furniture that may have not totally dried. To avoid staining Jensen Leisure Furniture recommends using glides. Majority of legs on the furniture have drilled holes to receive the nail glides. Home stores have products available to clean outdoor surfaces.


Wood Shield

If you want to prevent food stains on tables...

Wood Shield applied to the finished table tops aids in resistance from household food stains - wine, olive oil, grease stains, water spotting, etc. It can be applied immediately after purchase.

Ipe Restoration Kit

For the restoration of Ipe when Ipe Protector has been applied...

The Ipe Restoration Kit is intended for furniture that has been grayed-out in the weather, and will effectively remove water spots and food stains and multiple layers of Ipe Protector finishes down to the bare wood.

Penofin Verde

For the restoration of Ipe when Ipe Protector has been applied...

Applying Penofin Verde will return your Ipe furniture to its original condition. Penofin Verde can only be applied after using the Ipe Restoration Kit.

The No Maintenance Weathered Look

Jensen Ipé furniture can be left outside all year long —in any conditions, and remain functional for years to come with no maintenance whatsoever (cushions should be kept indoors during inclement weather).

However, wood is a natural material subject to changes in the environment. The look and feel of natural wood is part of the appeal of owning wood garden furniture. Although Ipé is naturally stable, small checks in the wood surface may appear if the furniture is placed in dry or sunny environments. Superficial checking in no way affects the structural integrity and longevity of your furniture. In full sun, Ipé will naturally-weather to a grayish-silver color.

In some cases the natural resins contained in the Ipe wood, might stain light colored surfaces (composite decking, vinyl, linoleum, carpets etc). Jensen Leisure Furniture recommends the use of furniture glides to minimize the risk of staining.

Argento Care & Maintenance

The Argento finish was designed to be “low maintenance”, meaning that the finish is designed to continue to gray-out as it weathers to a deeper gray patina.


For Argento restoration GOLDEN CARE (manufacturer of Argento Aftercare & Touch-up Kits) recommends the following sequence: STEP 1 Wood Cleaner- Use to remove dirt, stains, mildew. Do not rub too hard, preventing damaging the Argento finished look. STEP 2 Argento Aftercare- Use and apply again approximately every 3-6 months to make the finish resistant to food stains and liquids. STEP 3 Argento Touch-up Kit- Follow directions closely and apply on finish where there are scratches, raw timber showing through, in order to bring back the gray again. STEP 4 - Upon furniture being completely dry, apply another coat of Argento Aftercare as final restoration.


For repairing scratches or rub marks to the Argento finish which may have exposed the natural Roble wood color below the finish, we recommend the use of the Argento Touch-Up Kit to return the original finish.



Cleans easily: Apply lukewarm water and mild, non-foaming soap with a soft cloth or sponge. Brush the furniture clean with a soft pad and rinse the furniture with clean water. Cleaning is recommended at least once a season.

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