KNF-Nellie Olson

You are now the proud owner of a KNF–Neille Olson Mosaic, a work of art with superior engineering.

Our mosaic table tops feature hand-cut tiles made of opaque stained glass (durability proven in cathedral windows), marble and or travertine (a timeless and elegant medium). Tiles are then meticulously placed by hand creating designs that range from sophisticated botanicals to classic geometrics.

Our tops are cast into our proprietary stone blend that creates a matrix of superior durability. We also incorporate environmentally friendly recycled glass beads to provide a lighter-weight composite for simplified handling and delivery, while at the same time enhancing the quality of the finished product.

Our unique molding process provides perfectly smooth tops and sides, ensuring one never has to endure a sharp edge or jagged piece as is found in common, typically made mosaics. When cared for and maintained properly, this rare combination of elegant beauty and lasting durability will enhance and enrich any environment for years to come.


Our tops are treated with a penetrating grout sealer before they arrive to you. Tops need to be resealed 1-2 times a season. Sealing the top helps to prevent fading, assists in repelling moisture and resists staining. We recommend Miracle Sealants’ 511 Impregnator- available at most home improvement centers. Your place of purchase may also carry the product. To seal the top, use a slightly damp clean sponge or cloth. Simply wipe on the entire surface, covering all around the sides and wrapping around slightly underneath. Then wipe off (making sure to buff off the glass tiles).

To clean the tops use a mild, non-abrasive dish soap and water. A product with ammonia will strip off the sealer potentially causing fading and or cracking. Weather Restrictions Our tops are suitable for outdoor use. However, we do suggest that they not be exposed to consistent freezing temperatures. Under these conditions we recommend bringing them indoors.

Storing and Handling
When handling a top, make sure to lift and lay on a flat surface, NEVER roll it on its side. If storing the top on its side is the only option, make sure there is sufficient padding under the top and in between the surface it will be leaning against. Side Bumped or Marked If side of top gets marked, fine sandpaper may be used to remove scuff (making sure to reseal that area after). If sanding changes the color of the stone blend, you might decide to grout just that area and then reseal. If side of top gets bumped and chips, you may mix a small amount of grout to fill in the area and then reseal.

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