Ledge Lounger

Our products stay as clean as your pool does, so if you regularly clean your pool, your furniture will remain intact.

You can wipe the material with a soft brush and cloth, using only water. If there is a large amount of dirt, you can use a household cleaner. We recommend CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust remover. Please see our care guide for more details.

Occasionally, a deep cleaning of your Ledge Lounger product is necessary. Frequent usage, and even incorrect balances of pH and alkalinity, can cause scale and other residues (sunscreen, lotion, etc.) to adhere to the Ledge Lounger resin material and provide an undesirable appearance.

If CLR and a soft scrubbing pad have been used and subsequently unsuccessful in cleaning the Ledge Lounger product, we recommend Bio-Dex 300 Swimming Pool Tile Cleaner. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores as well as Amazon.

In the event, Bio-Dex 300 is required, perform the following steps:

  • Remove your Ledge Lounger product(s) from the pool and drain appropriately.
  • In a ventilated area, and utilizing proper PPE, apply Bio-Dex 300 to a soft scrubbing pad and scrub affected areas in a circular motion. Apply pressure and continued application of cleaner until desired results are achieved.
  • Once cleaned, rinse your Ledge Lounger product with clean water, and dry appropriately.

Draining the products is a cinch. Pull the plugs if you have them installed, and prop the piece halfway out of the pool and the coping. In a few short minutes, the piece will be completely drained.

When winterizing your pool, or if the temperatures are going to drop below freezing, we recommend performing the following steps:

  • Drain your Ledge Lounger product(s) completely, and remove from the pool.
  • Once completely empty, store your Loungers inside, or safely away from strong winds and inclement weather. If storing outside, cover product(s) with an industrial-grade plastic bag, or equivalent.
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