Ensure proper care of your furniture

A solution of mild soap and water is suitable for cleaning your Mallin frame. Regular cleaning with this solution will help maintain its integrity.

A solution of mild soap and water is also suitable for use on fabrics. Suntan lotion and oils may damage fabrics used on cushions. While all our materials are designed for outdoor use, they must be maintained and kept clean.

Woven Furniture

All-purpose detergent may be used on woven resin furniture, PVC strapping, and painted surfaces. Maintenance is recommended two to three times yearly, however these durable materials may be cleaned as often as desired.

Stone Table Tops

Handle stone tops with care. Sealed table tops require regular cleaning. A soft cloth or sponge may be used with warm water and a mild dish soap or pH-neutral stone or marble cleaner. Do not use: scouring creams, abrasive cleaners, or acid-based products e.g. ammonia, baking soda, or borax, unless they are specially formulated for use on natural stone or marble. Rinse with clean water to remove soap residue. Dry thoroughly to prevent moisture penetration.


Sealing is the most important step in the protection of stone table tops. Use penetrating sealer for marble or stone. Frequent use of the top requires more frequent sealing.

The sealer acts as a repellent, preventing the absorption of moisture and staining materials. Stone and marble sealers are available at tile or stone shops and at home improvement centers. Follow the sealer manufacturer’s instructions.

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