Patio Renaissance


          Cleaning is quick and easy. Mild soapy water and a soft brush can be used to remove dust and surface stains. Be sure to rinse your furniture thoroughly to avoid soap residue stains. For heavier stains professional cleaning products may be

          necessary. Please consult your dealer for recommended products and always test cleaners in a small, concealed area prior to a full cleaning. 




          Again, mild soapy water and a soft cloth can be used to clean most surface stains. Follow any cleaning with rinsing off the furniture to avoid soap residue stains. For tougher stains and discoloration please consult your dealer. For us in more harsh

          environments such as coastal areas professional protectants and sealers are recommended to extend the life of your Patio Renaissance furniture. 



          Patio Renaissance table tops can be cleaned in the same way as the aluminum frames. Mild soapy water and a brush or cloth can remove most surface stains. Grout cleaners can be used when applicable. Professional cleaners should always be

          tested on a small, concealed section of the table to ensure that it will not damage the finish on the table. All Patio Renaissance tables are sealed to resist water absorption, but should be resealed regularly in order to avoid future problems. Lastly, 

          spills of harsh liquids including but not limited to red wine, coffee, tea, citrus fruits juices, hot beverages containers should be removed immediately to prevent stains or damage to the finish. 




           Dirt and stains can be removed with mild detergents or soap with a soft brush or cloth. Always rinse your furniture after cleaning to avoid soap residue stains. Do not remove the interior filler from the cushion casing for cleaning purposes. In the 

           case of heavier stains consul your dealer  for professional grade cleaners. A cleaning service may be necessary in these cases. 


           For more information, please refer to Sunbrella website for fabric maintenance.


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