(A) Outdoor Furniture

Ratana’s outdoor furniture collections are tailored to all weather conditions and will remain beautiful with minimal care and maintenance.


General Maintenance on Woven Furniture

Use only mild detergent and water to clean. Rinse and dry thoroughly. If excessive water accumulates on the cushions, stand upright with zipper side down and let dry. To extend the longevity of the furniture, it is recommended to store it in a cool and dry place, protect with furniture covers to keep dust off.


How to care and clean my Teak Furniture?

Teak will naturally weather to a silver-gray color if it is left untreated in outdoors; this process varies in duration, depending on the climate. Each piece of teak furniture is unique with its beautiful wood grain accent and color. Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to wash the teak furniture with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, pressure washer or abrasive brass brush as it may cause damage and discolor on the teak wood. Commercial teak oil or cleaner commonly found in local hardware store can be used to restore the beauty and moisture of the wood.


How to care and clean my Cast Aluminum Furniture?

Use only mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly. Store indoor or protect with furniture covers during non-use seasons.


How to care and clean my Stainless Steel Frame Furniture?

All grades and finishes of stainless steel may in fact stain. In order to achieve maximum corrosion resistance, it is important that the surface of the stainless steel must be kept clean. In environments where there is salt, chlorine, presence of air pollution, wet and humid, would increase the speed of corrosion, and thus, a more frequent cleaning is strongly recommended. Commercial stainless steel cleaners may be used, but if uses incorrectly, it may cause discoloration and corrosion on the surface of the stainless steel. Cleaners with strong acid solutions should never be permitted to come into contact with stainless steel.


How to care and clean my Galvanized Steel Furniture?

Galvanized steel is virtually maintenance free. Use only mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly.


How to care and clean my Sling Furniture?

Use only mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly. To extend the life of the furniture, store in a dry area out of the elements or cover with commercial grade furniture covers when not in use.


How to care and clean my Durawood Table Top?

Durawood is virtually maintenance free due to the fact that it has exceptional resistance to fading, moisture, insects, splintering, and other common outcomes from environmental stress that one observes with treated lumber or wood fiber composite products. It just needs occasional washing with soap and water to remove dirt and debris if desired. Do not leave empty glasses on Durawood surface under direct sunlight as this may cause sun damage to the surface.


How to care and clean my Faux Stone Table Top?

The faux stone tabletop is a man-made composite lightweight stone. It is virtually maintenance free; simply clean it with water and mild detergent. Red wine or juice should be wiped away at once to prevent permanent staining. Never use harsh cleaners; avoid putting hot items, such as pots and pans directly onto the table surface. Always use an umbrella base to prevent the parasol/umbrella from tipping over and possibly damaging the table; and remove the parasol/umbrella from the table during windy weathers.


How to care and clean my Polycarbonate and Polypropylene Chair?

The chair must be cleaned with a soft cloth, dampened with cold water only. Do not use any abrasive cleaning instruments and/or substances that contain any acids, methyl alcohol, hydrocarbons or solvents.


How to care and clean my Werzalit Table Top?

Werzalit table tops have no crevices for food and drink to penetrate. Top and edges are formed as one seamless piece. It can be easily cleaned with any popular household cleanser.


How to care and clean my Sunloom Fiber?

Sunloom is waterproof, durable, UV resistant, tear resistant, wear resistant and flexible. Use only mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly. To extend the life of the furniture, store indoors or cover during non-use seasons.


How to care and clean my Resysta Table Top?

Resysta looks like wood and offer high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance. Just clean it with mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly.


How to care and clean the All-Weather/Outdoor Fabrics?

It is recommended to spot cleaning on spills with mild soap and water. Spill should be blotted up as quickly as possible and vacuumed off loose dirt before it gets penetrated into the fabric. Mold and mildew can grow on dirt or organic matters accumulated on and become embedded onto the surface of the fabrics, so cleaning regularly is recommended. Avoid excessive cleaning as it may reduce the longevity of the product. Always check thoroughly on clean codes and instructions, or seek help from professional upholstery cleaners.


How to care and clean my O'bravia™ Fabric for Patio Umbrella?

Normal dirt and stains can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. Simply brush off any loose dirt. It is not necessary to remove the fabric from the umbrella. Rinse thoroughly to remove any excess soap. If using a liquid detergent, it may be necessary to re-apply a water repellent treatment, such as 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard or similar product. Do not subject to excessive heat when washing or cleaning the fabric, as the fabric will shrink. This 100% solution-dyed polyester is heat sensitive. Do not steam press or machine dry in any gas or electric dryers. Allow fabric to air dry.


(B) Indoor Furniture

Ratana’s indoor furniture collections are constructed from the finest hand woven material tightly bounded to create sturdy frames. Each collection requires very little maintenance and is built to last for years.


General Maintenance on Indoor Furniture

For occasional cleaning, use a soft bristle brush or a soft damp cloth to remove the surface dirt.


How to care and clean my Rattan Furniture?

It is crucial that natural rattan and wicker furniture be placed indoors and be best kept away from direct sunlight. An environment with even humidity will help to prolong the longevity of the rattan furniture. Very little maintenance is required. Vacuum with a soft bristle brush to remove surface dirt or use a soft damp cloth to remove the stubborn stain. Wipe up spills with a damp cloth as quickly as possible before they harden. On stained finishes, you may apply a light coat of lemon oil as protection and luster.


How to care Indoor Cushions?

Fluff cushions from time to time to maintain its even fullness. Vacuum cushion covers regularly to remove surface dust or seek help from professional upholstery cleaners.

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