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Posted On: 02-01-2017
By: Deborah Holt

The furniture industry is ever evolving, and that doesn’t just apply to the furniture, it also applies to the way business is conducted through the use of technology.

For small businesses, staying ahead of the curve is extremely important. Streamlining processes is a significant factor in customer satisfaction, calculating inventory, facilitating business growth and reaching marketing goals.

Sunnyland has adopted new technology in various facets of the company to enhance the overall customer experience. From the state-of-the-art POS system and inventory control software to the mobile friendly website and digital marketing campaigns, Sunnyland strives to be a small business industry leader.

PROFITsystems, Sunnyland’s POS system, has improved the way transactions are handled in the store. With Profit’s RETAILvantage, Sunnyland is able to expedite customer orders, have up-to-the-minute stock information, pricing, product specifications, sales transactions, customer history and employee notes for reference. PROFITsystems also enables Sunnyland employees to keep track of purchases made for specific promotions, allowing the marketing department to track the success of promotional campaigns. These features help Sunnyland employees make wise decisions that are best for its customers.

One of Sunnyland’s biggest features is its 30,000 square-foot, on-site warehouse.  Keeping up with thousands of products can be difficult, but Sunnyland keeps everything in order with its barcoded system. Using a barcoded system gives employees the knowledge of where a product is and the quantity of that product available allowing them to give customers quick and accurate information. It also allows for quick access to product after a purchase is made, expediting the delivery process. But, most importantly it provides an accurate annual inventory with errors within a one percent deviation rate. This is extremely important, especially for a small business, where every dollar matters, to have an accurate account of product.

Next month, Sunnyland is scheduled to launch its new, mobile friendly, e-commerce website. The new website is designed for accessibility on mobile and desktop platforms. The new, sleek design is easy to maneuver and is visually pleasing. One major emphasis for the new website was to create it from the customer’s perspective; categories and drop-downs that use customer-oriented logic, and relying more on images and catchy content to tell the product story while utilizing rich media instead of static imagery.

Sunnyland has in-store monitors throughout the showroom displaying factory tours, vendor promotional materials, store reviews and Sunnyland TV segments to enhance the customer’s experience. Free Wi-Fi is also available for guests in the showroom. 

Deliveries at Sunnyland are tracked through Dispatch Track, software for real-time logistics management. Dispatch Track lets Sunnyland preplan routes, saving time and money. It also allows the office to track where the trucks are and when trucks will be at stops. With this information, Sunnyland can give precise times to customers for deliveries, and as a result, customers don’t have to wait around all day for their items to be delivered. Drivers take photos at each delivery to ensure proper setup and for the sales team to be able to view the finished product.

With all the technological advances and digital developments, Sunnyland still remembers that in-person dialogue and adding a personal touch to what it does, makes the largest impression.

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